The following information is about a MobArena from a previous map. The MobArena is non existant and cannot be found on /ma list. The information is still available for your reading pleasure.


The Dawntreader MobArena was a unique Multiplayer MobArena in which it was multi-leveled, had 30 waves (31 counting the "You Win" wave) as opposed to the usual multiplayer wave count of 50, had a max player count of 4, and to ensure victory you needed to have excellent teamwork and timing for most buffs. It was part of the Karoa event series. The Dawntreader Airship was built by Youtuber Lynchyinc and was modified by Starmarsh to be a MobArena.

The rewards for beating Dawntreader were unique, like the final prizes of Ice and Plague, as the rewards were untemptered Memory Alloys which were used to apply Repair, a custom enchantment.

Dawntreader also added some new features:

  • A new weapon, the Crossbow, which automatically loads bolts and fires at great speeds.
  • Vials which were better potions.

The Dawntreader MobArena. (Click to animate)


There were 3 classes in Dawntreader.

  • Crewman
    • Crewman's Cutlass (Iron Sword) with Sharpness II/Knockback I
    • Rough Crossbow (Crossbow) with Infinity I and Power II
    • 3 Healing Vial I
    • 1 Healing Vial II
    • Rallying Cry (Nether Star) Right click to apply Strength I and Absorption I to your nearby party members.
      • Is a 15 second buff with a 1 minute cooldown.
    • Crewman's Cap (White Leather Cap) with Protection IV
    • Crewman's Vest (White Leather Chestplace) with Protection IV
    • Crewman's Trowsers (Red Leather Pants) with Protection IV
    • Heavy-duty Boots (Black Leather Boots) Protection V
  • BlastTech
    • Blast-resistant Axe (Iron Axe) with Blast Protection V
    • Quickfuse Dynamite (Blaze Rod) Right click to toss a stick of dynamite that will explode after a couple seconds.
      • WARNING: Explosion will harm your party members.
    • 3 Healing Vial I
    • 1 Healing Vial II
    • BlastTech's Lighter (Flint and Steel) Right click on a mob to turn them into a living bomb.
    • Defuse Kit (Shears) Right click when your party members are on fire to extinguish them (within 5 blocks)
    • BlastTech Chestpiece (Chain Chestplate) with Protection II
    • BlastTech's Leggings (Chain Leggings) with Protection II
    • Heavy-duty Boots (Black Leather Boots) with Protection V
  • Engineer
    • Engineer's Wrench (Shears) Right click on a broken healing station(brewing stand) to reactivate it for a short while.
      • Applies 10 seconds of Regeneration 1 to players in the area, cooldown of 30 seconds.
    • Mechanical Crossbow (Crossbow) with Infinity I, Punch I, and Power II
    • First Aid Kit (Paper) that heals nearby party members
      • Applies Regen II for 5 seconds with a 1 minute cooldown.
    • 3 Healing Vial I
    • 1 Healing Vial II
    • Engineer's Overalls (Orange Leather Pants) with Protection VII
    • Heavy-duty Boots (Black Leather Boots) with Protection V


There were 4 bosses in Dawntreader

  • Kraul (Zombie Pigman) at wave 10
    • Beating Kraul did not reward the player with a Memory Alloy
  • Grimm (Wither Skeleton) at wave 20
    • Beating Grimm and advancing to wave 21 rewarded the player with a Tier I Memory Alloy
  • Alyulin (Witch) at wave 30
    • Beating Alyulin and advancing to wave 31 rewarded the player with a Tier II Memory Alloy
  • Congratulations (Squid) at wave 31
    • This boss was mainly so that each player received the Tier II Memory Alloy. It did no damage and had no extra health.