The following information is about a MobArena from a previous map. The MobArena is non existant and cannot be found on /ma list. The information is still available for your reading pleasure.


The Plague MobArena was a Single Player MobArena, and the smallest MobArena of its time. It was a small hut-like building made of wood, and almost resembled a witch's hut, as there were brewing stands and cauldrons throughout the arena, as well as cobwebs and redstone torches. See the picture below. Plague was built by Starmarsh.

Unlike the other MobArenas, Plague had only 10 rounds. Ice, the other discontinued singleplayer MobArena, has 15. The other MobArenas have more.

The cost to enter Plague was $1000, which was more than the default entry fee, but less than Dawntreader.

Plague was one of the two first singleplayer MobArenas, the other being Ice.

2015-03-17 20.32.36

The MobArena Plague.


There was one single class for Plague.

  • Seeker, "The typical mid-level adventurer."
    • Seeker's Helm (Chain Helmet) with Blast Protection I, 15% Knockback Resistance.
    • Seeker's Chestpiece (Chain Chestplate) with Protection I, 15% Knockback Resistance.
    • Seeker's Leggings (Chain Leggings) with Projectile Protection I, 15% Knockback Resistance.
    • Seeker's Boots (Chain Boots) with Feather Falling V, 15% Knockback Resistance.
    • Seeker's Blade (Iron Sword) with Sharpness II, Knockback I.
    • Rough Crossbow (Bow) with Power I, Infinity I.
    • 3 Health I Potions.
    • 1 Health II Potion.
    • 1 Arrow.
    • 1 Bone (Summons a tamed wolf).


  • The Boss at round 10 is a Witch.
    • Killing the Witch will reward the player with a special item that is used to get the Flesh Bound Tomb, a special enchantment book that carried an unimplemented enchantment.