General Rules

  • Do not vandalize anything on the wiki.
  • Do not post spam anywhere on the wiki.
    • "Spam" includes, but is not limited to, gibberish, random letters, comments that have nothing to do with the comment topic, message chains, "copypasta," and walls of text. 
  • Do not edit other users' profiles.
  • Do not harass or bully others.
    • Do not flamebait.
      • Responding to flamebait in a hurtful manner will result in a warning to both (or more) parties.
  • Do not advertise.
  • Do not post explicit sexual material or gore.
  • Do not excessively swear.
  • If you are not an admin, do not give warnings to other users. Advice and tips are always welcome, but do not mini-mod.
  • Do not remove admin warnings and/or block messages from your message wall. Doing so will extend your ban.
  • Do not create a message wall greeting for yourself.

Uploading media

  • Do not upload anything that will not be used in an article.
  • Do not upload duplicate files.
  • Do not upload low-quality files.
    • If you are having trouble uploading files, contact either an admin on the wiki or a staff member on the server for help.


  • Read each article in its entirety before making any changes.
  • Try to be as accurate as possible when editing.
  • Do your best to use proper grammar.
  • When writing about a minigame such as a MobArena, make sure to stay objective - use "the player/players" not "you."
  • Do not create new articles without admin permission.
  • Do not create unnecessary/spam/discussion articles.
    • Keep in mind that there are multiple forums, the MinecraftForum forum page, the private forums, and the forums on the wiki, if you would like to discuss the server.

Wiki Discussion Rules

  • All General Rules apply to the discussions page.
  • ​If there is an issue, please contact an admin or a server staff member as soon as possible.
    • Please avoid adding to the situation by arguing, making a big deal of the issue, flaming etc. Doing so may land you in trouble as well.
  • Do not argue over making new threads.

Ban Guidelines

Vandalism will get you permanently banned immediately with no warning.

  • First Offense: Warning.
  • Second Offense: Final Warning.
  • Third Offense: 3 day ban.
  • Fourth Offense: 1 week ban.
  • Fifth Offense: 2 week ban.
  • Sixth Offense: 1 month ban.
  • Seventh Offense: Infinite ban.
  • In some cases, the offense may be so serious that warnings and lighter bans may be skipped and the offending user may be given a heavier ban. Admins give bans at their discretion but follow these guidelines.
    • It should also be noted that, should the majority of an account's activity be nothing more than spam, advertising, or other disruptive behavior, admins reserve the right to give an infinite ban with no warning as the user is only here to be disruptive.

Should you find yourself banned permanently, you can submit an appeal to the private forums. Second chances are not uncommon, but are not free hand-outs either. Use your chance wisely.

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